Kumbhalgarh Trekking Tour

The Fort of Kumbhalgarh has the second longest wall in the world after The Great Wall of China, and it is extended up to 38 kilometers. Kumbhalgarh Fort has 7 fortified gates. It is also possible to see kilometers into the Aravalli Range and The sand dunes of the Thar Desert from the fort walls. Besides this, the fort has around 300 ancient Hindu and Jain temples standing as a perfect example of the cultural diversity of the place.

The Kumbhalgarh Fort acts as a curious destination for history lovers as it holds many childhood tales of Prince Udai Singh Ji, who founded the Udaipur city.

Trekking In Kumbhalgarh Schedule

Kumbhalgarh- Thandi Beri Trekking

The Kumbhalgarh- Thadiberi walk will start in the morning after breakfast. It is a four-hour long walk. The walk will start from a downhill/ plain forest reserved area. If we are lucky we might spot the antelope/leopard/ wild boar.

As we continue with our walk, we will pass through a downhill area to reach our first checkpoint Maudi Khet. The Maudi khet area will give you a great view of Fort Kumbhalgarh.

While walking through the plain area, we will get great exposure to wild fruits and Ayurvedic plants, which will provide us great knowledge.

As we proceed; we will come to hunting lunge. As we move ahead, we will come across a tribal village of the reserved area known as “Kharni”. The “Kharni” village is home to the Bhil Tribe.

As we continue, we will come across a water pond, popularly known as Thandi Beri (Crocodiles Lake) in the region. We might spot some crocodiles in and around the lake.

After visiting Thandi Beri (Crocodile lake), we will proceed back to our hotel.

  • Duration: 4 Hours
  • English Speaking walking Guide.
  • Entrance fee of Forest Reserve.
  • Water Bottles .
  • Refreshment.

Kumbhalgarh(FutaDhaval ) to Ranakpur

Main Attraction: Wild animals, Vegetation, Grass, Patches, Villagers Mammals, Jungle, Fowls, Vegetation, Landscape, Odhi, Grassland, and Waterholes.

Kumbhalgarh to Ranakpur trek is 10-kilometer long. The trek starts early in the morning after breakfast. This trek starts from Futadhaval; it is a mixed trek as it has downhill, uphill and plain trekking paths. The trek also takes you through the good forest area where you might spot wild animals like antelopes and sloth beers.

On the way, we will come across many water ponds. We will also see caves of Lord Ganesha. These caves will be our first checkpoint.

Our trekking path is covered with many Ayurvedic plants and other beautiful faunas. You will get to know about many plant species.

As we proceed further, we will come across on the border separating Mewar and Marwar regions of Rajasthan. This border will be our second checkpoint.

After the Mewar and Marwar border, we will reach the famous Jain Temple of Ranakpur. Ranakpur’s Jain temple will be our last checkpoint.

Duration: 4-5 Hours

  • Duration 4-5 Hours
  • Refreshment.
  • Entrance fee.
  • Charges per person.
  • English speaking guide .